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Mixology by Perrier. Perfection by Nomen. Perrier is another iconic brand we proudly collaborate with. Our co-operation began by the presentation of Perrier brand during the 62nd IBA Annual Conference in Prague. At the occasion Perrier’s 150th anniversary, we launched Andy Warhol collection of Perrier bottles. Last but not least, we organised Street Art Party for Perrier’s European team.

We love details. We fool around with colours, scents and tastes. During the events we involve all the senses; we perfume the space with flowers, brighten it up with colours and tune it with music. In the end, we amaze the guests‘ taste with delicious dishes. Because we know that the perfect event is made of flawless harmony of all details.

Our events become alive with our clients and their guests. We do not fancy a passive attitude. We enjoy fun. We actively involve the guests into the action so they co-create the event. As we did at the Street Art Party with Perrier.

Creativity has no limits. Thrilling flames, all-embracing vapour, absolute smoke or Chanel No. 5… For Laurent Greco, founder of the Mixology be Perrier, common cocktail ingredients. How to better promote Perrier brand than by organising an inspirational conference for bartenders? Perhaps only by throwing a sparkling party at the end.

Eau-la-la. Collaboration with Perrier? Easy to Swallow!